08 December 2010

Grouse Mountain

So these are reindeer (I think, the sign said "Santas Reindeer" but they could just be regular deer)...I thought reindeer were a made up animal for Santa after laughing at Neo for saying "bung, lets go look at the reindeer" and telling him that reindeer don't exist, they're like unicorns I learnt they are actually a legit animal...thanks Atom! and sorry Neo...hehe I'm yet to set him straight on that one.

 If you could read my mind you would read...DAMN MY FEET ARE COLD!!!...hence the frown

 No day is complete without a self shot!

Birthday Celebrations! aye Dennis!

Oh O....this looks like trouble

 Birthday boy says he doesn't need anymore shots but we disagree...
 down it goes....
 and a wine chaser...

A relaxing day in Van City....

 Out for coffee and interesting conversations!
 Checking out interesting things
 Out for Indian after a hard day opshopping
Some of my finds at the opshop....a snugley awesome jersey and cute little gloveys that Neo found me

and heres the pics of my work Xmas party as promised....

 So the Xmas party was up Grouse Mountain.  We had an 8 min gondola ride up over snow covered tree tops to this beautiful room that backed on to the forest.  You can see the snow up against the window....beautiful!
 So FYI heels and snow don't go so well together!

But Cola and snow goes awesomely!

For the NZI Peeps....

So remember how when someone was away from work, you would cover there computer screen in post it notes....well apparently Vancouver thinks this is ridiculous!...and they didn't even do the whole screen jeeez!

 And this is the view from the building I work in.
 A frozen fountain outside the building I work in...yes it was THAT cold!

28 November 2010

My Dabble with Magic

There was a magician at our work Christmas party.  He was so funny and great entertainment.  Here's a video of me with my magic scissors.

The Christmas party was on Grouse Mountain and we were surrounded by snow! You can see some snowy trees out the window behind the magician but I braved the snow in my high heels to get some pics for ya'll so there coming soon.

27 November 2010

Snowey Vancouver....

So after having -8degree weather Vancouver decided to snow.  It was fun! Here's some pics...

22 November 2010

The eyes and the ice!

Woah.... -5degrees feels COLD...ICY ICY COLD and that's what we felt in Vancouver today brrrr!!

Here's a pic Neo did on Photoshop of my Halloween face....spooky!

That is all.

21 November 2010

Japanese....food!! the best we've had yet!

Last night Neo's work friend Vania took us to this DELICOUS Japanese restaurant.  It was A-MA-ZING.  It's so popular we had to wait outside for a table.

This is another of Neo's work mates Ryan...I loved his superhero bag!

Here's what I ate....all this for only $12!!

 Neo and his fooood......mmmmmm....
 After dinner Vani took us to explore the city.

This is Vania...isn't she the cutest tiny little Indonesian you ever did see! I feel like quite the giant here! We're in Coal Harbour here, it was SOOOO cold I couldn't feel my lips but the beautiful view made it all worth it!

 This is a new Convention Centre they built..it's a beautiful building and I thought the giant spinning globe was awesome! They kindly let us use their toilet!

20 November 2010

I've been really feeling the cold the last couple days

and then last night THIS HAPPENED!  THIS is snow if you couldn't tell! It actually started snowing when we were walking home and Neo and I were like...so excited and dancing in the snow but NONE of the locals acted like anything out of the ordinary was happening...there were girls waiting in line for the clubs in tiny dresses brrrrrrrrrrr...


When we were out an about last week we found this cute little Indonesian restaurant but sadly it was closed! So we just had to go back and check it out! The food was DELICOUS! and it was run by authentic Indonesians :0)

I had fish and it was goooooooooooooood!
 Neo had Nasi Goreng aka Fried Rice.  He was impressed!
 I look kinda grumpy in this picture (I wasn't though) waiting for the skytrain.