23 June 2010

The laptop has been purchased so we can call and see all our awesome friends and family while we're away. If you don't have Skype GET ONE! and add us (The Sanjayas).....and this awesome sticker was created for our laptop by the one and only ATOM1746

17 June 2010

Saying Goodbye

So the Mum/Mum inlaw and Bro are down from Nelson for the last time before we head to Vancouver...I'm sad :0(

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited about going overseas but to be honest it doesn't really feel real yet...maybe after saying bye to Asiu after this weekend it will...I'm expecting tears.

Invites for the leaving drinks also went out today so really it is all becoming real!! eeeekkkk....just over 3 weeks till we're on that plane!

14 June 2010

thanks to Aaron!

The blog has begun! Celebrations biatches! pop open the Moet...or maybe don't...how about some Wolff Blass Merlot and some Indomi! anyways...Thanks Aaron for creating the amazing Title for our blog (do the little characters look familiar people?). If you like our heading title peoples check out this website and tell ya mates too...and get them to tell their mates...and get those mates to tell their mates.....you get where I'm going with this so here it is http://www.atom1746.com/