19 August 2010

Getting settled in Vancouver

So we've spent the last few weeks back in Vancouver finding jobs, and a semi permanent place to live. All has been panning out pretty well for us.

We're currently living in a basement suite in Lynn Valley which is in North Vancouver - it's really pretty here but a little far out from where we're working so we have just found a KICK ASS apartment in Yaletown which is down town so fully central. We move in 1st September and we're both totally amped. It's on the 13th floor and has a WICKED view of the city, the building has an amazing gym, swimming pool and sauna and the best bit is....wait for it....(Nomey you're gonna love it)....a laundry room JUST like the one on Big Bang Theory, so can't wait to do some laundry...be warned I will be posting pics of the laundry room!

So on the job front....I am working at a restaurant called Milestones, it's on Robson St which is the main street in downtown Vancouver...it's where all the action is and I'm also working at Lush which I LOVE!!!!! everybody knows how much I love Lush products so this is an awesome job for me...it doesn't even feel like I'm working when I'm there!...part of the training is testing out the products...NICE!!!!!
Neo is working at the Gap clothing store also on Robson street, hence why we need to be down town.

Bonus just came through from work = awesome!

We're looking at getting a car so we can start road tripping it up!

Life is good!