28 September 2010

Monday night training session....

Here's what Neo and I got up to tonight. Neo's attempting to teach me Photoshop....

23 September 2010

Big Boi - Sumthin's Gotta Give ft. Mary J. Blige

Big Bois coming to Vancouver!! oooooyeeeeah!!!!!

09 September 2010

The 210 bus...the inspiration that led us to our new abode

Everyday we caught bus number "210" to downtown Vancouver...a 45 min trip.
Our down town bus stop....
Passing time on the bus....

Our North Van apartment up until 1st September

We came home late one night and a skunk was blocking our path!....We were too scared to go around it incase it sprayed us!....ewwwww.....that would be gross. It took us a good 5 mins of yelling from a distance to scare it away!

The backyard:

The lounge and kitchen:

To the river...

The walk down to the river....

This is "bedrock"...an area of Lynn Canyon created over time by the locals; they've made lounge suits and a coffee table out of the rocks...complete with a decorative fish! The perfect living room if you ask me...till winter comes anyways!

Ryan, Neo & I

The local Lynn Valley skate park

Deep Cove

This is around where my Mum grew up.


Putting a new spin on "hump day"....

The PNE (Pacific National Exhibition)....woop woop

The PNE is kinda like the Christchurch Show but WAAAAAAAY cooler!...pretty much like 150 times cooler!

Neo managed to talk me into going on the screw driver roller coaster...I was totally terrified...Neo claims I was crying....but the wind was just in my eyes...OK!!!!!

Here's some snaps:

I little chill out spot to take some time out from the crowds...

A very very old school roller coaster....No this is not the one I went on....heeeelllll noooo you would not get me on this wooden thing with a cart rolling around it!

There were some pretty sweet sand castles...here's a couple of my faves!

05 September 2010

What a weird feeling....

I'm sure it's waaay weirder for all you guys in Christchurch but here's THE earthquake from our perspective.....

So we've just moved into our new apartment and are SOOO happy....life couldn't be better and then I'm on Facebook reading all this crazy stuff like "is your family ok?", "that was scary" etc. and I'm like WTF, what's going on? so I check the trusty stuff.co.nz and read about this huge ass earthquake in Chch...I'm like....freaking out at this stage. You feel so helpless being over the other side of the world! It was insane seeing pictures of Chch with knocked down buildings and I'm a little sad that Chch won't be quite the same when we return from overseas. I was happy to talk to my family and friends and here that you're all safe...for those of you I haven't spoken to; hope you haven't had too much damage and you're all safe.

It's all over the news over here FYI.

Love you all

Ness and Neo