29 October 2010

Mais House...

Neo's work mate Mai made us a delicious Japanese dinner....Thanks Mai!!!

Me, Mai, Mai (yes there's 2 of them) and Sylvia

Olivia's flying visit to Vancouver

so my Cousin Olivia has been travelling in England but she was back in Vancouver very briefly to pick up her visa for France....heres some snaps of our catch up with her.

Olivia, Jade, Aunty Lisa, Me and Neo
Olivia with the visa in her hand FINALLY!!!! aye Olivia :0)

Our adventure to Langley

So....we decided it was a great idea to hire a car and drive an hour east to Langley so we could go to a drive in movie....well after battling through rush hour traffic and then being directed off the highway (the only way we knew how to get to Langley was taking the highway btw) by a cop because there had been an accident and our GPS and Iphone both dying we were beginning to think it was not such a great idea!

However after finding a little store we finally figured out how to get to the drive in movie and it was AWESOME!!!!
see.... look how happy we are to be here!!!!!
It was totally freaky driving over here... I was terrified and I realised as I was driving that I didn't really know the road rules...but I managed to stay on the right side of the road and we're still alive!!!

Our ride around Stanley Park

As usual the morning started with coffee....Starbucks coffee (sorry Coffee Culture but you're not in Canada)!

Then we paid a man to borrow his tandem bike....he called it the "break up bike" because if the back rider thinks the front rider is going to turn and they lean it puts the whole bike out of balance....it's ok...we're fine :0)
After convincing Neo that he looked cool in a helmet here we are.....
We even saw a seal...that was pretty cool
Half way through our 2 hour bike ride around the park...

Roberts Creek and Sechelt

Community spirit is what the town of Roberts Creek in British Columbia, Canada is all about. A large ground art mural decorates the landscape along the beach where children and adults donate their time and come out to paint this colorful work of art.....

The Gumboot in Roberts Creek where we enjoyed a London Fog. mmmm.......

Taking Toby for his nightly walk....

Granny and Grandad xo

01 October 2010

Granville Island

Amazing little tea place...tea for Neo....coffee for me!!!

Homer Street, YALETOWN!!!!!

Well it sure is time for an update! We're 1 month in our new apartment today and we're both LOVING living so central....we're within walking distance of everything amazing!

They say a picture speaks 1,000 words so heres some pics.

The view from our apartment is AMAZING!...

the apartment building...

Quiet beers in the park by our house....
This is the sea wall just down the road from our house....