28 November 2010

My Dabble with Magic

There was a magician at our work Christmas party.  He was so funny and great entertainment.  Here's a video of me with my magic scissors.

The Christmas party was on Grouse Mountain and we were surrounded by snow! You can see some snowy trees out the window behind the magician but I braved the snow in my high heels to get some pics for ya'll so there coming soon.

27 November 2010

Snowey Vancouver....

So after having -8degree weather Vancouver decided to snow.  It was fun! Here's some pics...

22 November 2010

The eyes and the ice!

Woah.... -5degrees feels COLD...ICY ICY COLD and that's what we felt in Vancouver today brrrr!!

Here's a pic Neo did on Photoshop of my Halloween face....spooky!

That is all.

21 November 2010

Japanese....food!! the best we've had yet!

Last night Neo's work friend Vania took us to this DELICOUS Japanese restaurant.  It was A-MA-ZING.  It's so popular we had to wait outside for a table.

This is another of Neo's work mates Ryan...I loved his superhero bag!

Here's what I ate....all this for only $12!!

 Neo and his fooood......mmmmmm....
 After dinner Vani took us to explore the city.

This is Vania...isn't she the cutest tiny little Indonesian you ever did see! I feel like quite the giant here! We're in Coal Harbour here, it was SOOOO cold I couldn't feel my lips but the beautiful view made it all worth it!

 This is a new Convention Centre they built..it's a beautiful building and I thought the giant spinning globe was awesome! They kindly let us use their toilet!

20 November 2010

I've been really feeling the cold the last couple days

and then last night THIS HAPPENED!  THIS is snow if you couldn't tell! It actually started snowing when we were walking home and Neo and I were like...so excited and dancing in the snow but NONE of the locals acted like anything out of the ordinary was happening...there were girls waiting in line for the clubs in tiny dresses brrrrrrrrrrr...


When we were out an about last week we found this cute little Indonesian restaurant but sadly it was closed! So we just had to go back and check it out! The food was DELICOUS! and it was run by authentic Indonesians :0)

I had fish and it was goooooooooooooood!
 Neo had Nasi Goreng aka Fried Rice.  He was impressed!
 I look kinda grumpy in this picture (I wasn't though) waiting for the skytrain.

Real body parts and cut up humans....oh my

The first thing we saw when we walked into Science World was a spinning brain...an actual real human brain. Sounds like something out of a horror movie right!?! but nope it's all in the name of science and it was super interesting.  This guy called Dr. Gunther von Hagens figured out a way to preserve the human body and display it in a life like way.  It was a little creepy when you let yourself think OMG these are actually real human bodies.

I won't post pics here because it might gross some people out but if you are interested in some of the things we saw then check out this link.  http://www.scienceworld.ca/bodyworlds

Heres some before and after pics.

That silver globe shaped thing in the background, that's Science World. Apparently I'm pretty excited to be heading there!
 After absorbing all that interesting stuff we were pretty hungry so we headed to China Town for noodles mmmm....
 This is outside the library in Vancouver and Neo wanted to get a picture of it, and he wanted me in the picture with it....


Neo and I decided to check out a laser show at the planetarium and man, am I glad we did.  It was awesome.  The show was to Pink Floyd which I'm not exactly a massive fan of, not that I dislike them I just don't really know much of their music.  

The laser show was in a dome shaped theater (pic below) whoever put the lasers together with the music is genius, the whole thing was put together so well.   

We had a bit of time to kill before the show started so we went picture snappin.

 Some crab thing outside the planetarium...not to sure what crabs have to do with space however....

17 November 2010

Just a couple damn cool photos

I said "Neo the clouds look cool" Neo said "You're right, wheres the camera"

Heres the result.....

Does that smell good?

When we were in Bali Neo found this little bottle of stuff that the Indonesians sniff when they have a cold, or rub on there chests or for sore mussels anyways Neo is like ADDICTED to the smell! He always carries this stuff with him and always smells it when he's going to sleep. He had run out but recently found a place to buy more at this Chinese Medicine place near out house.

I love this picture of him that I snapped...I don't think your supposed to put the whole bottle up your nose darling! HA!

Halloween Festivities

At Lush we had a day of the dead theme. Heres a pic Neo took when I got home from work (yes I walked home through downtown with my face like this and didn't feel at all out of place)...it looks kinda freaky with the cat beside me.

Halloween is insanely big over here. EVERYONE dresses up and like a month before the shops go crazy advertising for everyone to get there costume.

The night of Halloween we went to a house party with our room mate. I really wanted to be an Anime Character because I'd seen how to do the eyes on YouTube. It looked waay easier than it really was on You Tube but I was kinda happy how they turned out.
So we have "eggs and bacon", "Nacho Libre", and a few scary mask peeps.

Me, Neo and our roommate

Camera Jam

So my cousin Luke came to stay with us for a few days awhile back so we could all go to Fright Night (pics and more of this to come). One night we ended up at Mais house for a couple drinks. Mai had recently purchased a flash new camera (she had previously been taking pics only on her iphone....poor Mai) so our visit turned into a bit of a photo session, and here's the results!

This is me, Mai and her new camera.
Neo...being Neo

There was a pretty intense discussion going on here about how you could somehow take a picture to make it look like the flowing water is not moving (or something). I thought because your taking a still picture the water couldn't possibly look like it was moving anyways? Apparently I just don't get it.
Does this water look like it's still or moving to you?
What about now...oh oops the waters not on.

So when Neo and I were looking at purchasing cameras I really wanted one that you could adjust the shutter time (I think thats the correct terminology) on so that you could do this affect....and we did it! fun!!

Amsterdam Cafe

This is Edric and Neo. Edric is Neo's work buddy from GAP. He's funny and makes me laugh!
I like this picture!

16 November 2010

My Mum is so cute!

I just got off Skype with my Mum. Her computer skills have progressed very rapidly since I've been away and she now can turn the computer on, start Skype and call me! I'm proud of ya Mum!
She makes me laugh so much every time we go to hang up, she's always like "oh I hate this bit" "hang on what I have I forgotten to tell you" (*I know your just stalling because you don't wanna hang up Mum*) and tonight she said "I hate this bit, it's like your murdering someone, just cutting them off" haha you're the best Mum.

Dad of course was out doing his third session of daily exercise! Dad your crazy! I wish I had some of your motivation!! stay home once I awhile so I can chat to you too would ya!....love ya.

Love you guys!! xoxoxoxo

My Birthday...yes thats how behind I am on my blogging

So I actually had to work all day on the day of my Birthday so the celebrations were kept to a minimum however I had set my alarm to get up at 9am for work but for some reason it went of at 8am, I was like "that's weird, I must have set it wrong" and Neo was like "mmm...I'm going to the toilet" and I fell back asleep. Next thing I know I'm waking up to Neo bringing me coffee, bacon, eggs and french toast. Whada sweetie!

Right now I'm glad that my hair is big so it covers my early morning, pre-shower and makeup face in this pic.
and then he picked me up from work with these cute little stickers he'd made for me to post up round the city. They have a bit more a meaning than most of you will know, BUT all will be revealed soon!!
Birthday wishes from ma' Gran.
and Souvelakis (hmmm... is this spelling correct??)