15 February 2011

It started out heading to Kiwi Day...

We walked and we walked......
and walked and walked....
we stopped and discussed, where it might be...until Lucy spotted a Stella Artois sign...and thought it might be there...IT WAS so we joined the queue outside..we waited and waited and waited for an hour...then got tired and hungry 

So we went to the pub for Fish & Chips and beer for our own Kiwi party....but not before stealing our very own Kiwi (Dean) to join us.  
clockwise from bottom left: Dean, Edric, Sarah, Lucy, Me & Neo

Lucy and I with our very own piece of artwork..drawn before our very eyes by a homeless guy.


Edric playing DJ as usual xo

The ladies!...nuff said 

The boysies

Me and some very cool Obey art work!

And my favorite-ist pic EVER!!

10 February 2011

Bright Lights, Big City...we love Vegas!

Vegas was AMAZING and girlfriends...we MUST go there all together at some stage.  We had so so much fun on our first anniversary...it was a perfect way to celebrate a fantastic year!

We took A LOT of pictures in Vegas, so I don't clog up the blog and overwhelm you with pics of us...click "read more" below if you're interested in seeing the piccys of Vegas.

05 February 2011

Woah...it's been aaages since I last updated...

My hair grew down and out A LOT!


now...I'll stop stalling and get into some real posting.

Flat/Bachelor Suite/House Warming...

Edrik (in my sweater fyi), Miko, Mai, Agat, Marion and me

 Edrik and Miko...see that thing they're leaning against....thats our bed...it pushes into the wall...coolest thing EVER I want one to keep!!
 The sequin sweater shot....

Our adorable new place...

Ok, it's not so new now...we've been here over a month but isn't is cute, we absolutely LOVE this place and want to keep it forever

here's the view from our window and a very nice sunset.

 a  pic prior to taking on the task of hanging my clothes...I ended up making a bargain with Neo and he did it for me :0) I was happy!

NYE Drinks at Mikos

NYE: we drank delicious glog made by Miko, took root beer flavored vodka shots and ate sushi and laughed till our bellies hurt. FUN NIGHT!

here we are skytraining it out to Surrey


We didn't have a white Christmas but there sure was a lot of rain! Heres a pic of our ride over to Powell River where we spent Christmas with my Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt and Cousins.
 Chats with my Grandpa! Such and awesome memory and I'm so glad Neo captured it like this.  Grandads family is from Russia and he was telling me how his Mum and brothers and sisters had to come Canada from Russia ahead of his father and they had no idea how long it would before his Dad could join them.
 Granny with Toby wearing the jacket Neo and I bought him. sooo cute!

 Olivia, Aunty Lisa, Vienna in me...drinking egg nog on Christmas Day
 Chrissy Dinner....YUM
 Relaxing Facemasks after our hard night eating and drinking
 and lip masks to....

Delicious Dinner

On Commercial Drive where the hipsters hang. Here's a pic of Marion and Agat getting there share of delicious Paella made by Cholo

04 February 2011

Drinks with the GAP crew

We went to a bar in Gastown called Steamworks...They do to DIE for Apple Pie...it's AMAZING!
 Waiting for the skytrain....this is me posing in front of an out of service train before I got told off for standing on the yellow line...ooooops
 Beautiful Mai gave Neo and I a present.  She gave Neo these cute 'One Piece' socks
 and me this gorgeous Hello Kitty change purse...it was love at first sight...Mai, you know me to well!!

Delish chocolate cafe in Vancouver called Mink

although we did feel pretty gosh darn sick afterwards