29 June 2011

San Fran Chinatown

San Fran Chinatown is the best one we've EVER come across, it was full of all that amazing crap that Neo and I love so much!!

07 June 2011

Seattle Day #2

Starting the morning with "Seattle's Best Coffee"

Then Seattles China Town for breakfast.  If you ever visit Seattle, don't bother with their China Town, it's kinda lame but...if you haven't noticed already, Neo and I are kinda China Town junkies and have to check out the China Town in every city.

Pioneer Square...an awesome place to sit and people watch.

eeeeeek....we did the super touristy, cheesy organised tour thing. We really wanted to see underground Seattle, there are about 20-25 blocks of Seattle that are underground.  Seattle was destroyed in a fire in 1989 and when they re-built the city they built big retaining walls and built the new city on top of the old.  About 3 blocks of the old underground part of Seattle they use in the "Underground Tour" that we did.

Here's a pic...it's not so interesting in the picture.

Then Pike Market

We explored Capitol Hill which was recommended to us by some friend, it was a super interesting area loaded with Restaurants, Cafe's and Bars.

Seattle Afternoon #1!

View of Seattle from the water as we arrived.

After dropping off our bags at the apartment we were staying at we went exploring the city.  This is a pic of the very first Star Bucks opened in 1971.

After coffee we went down to the Waterfront Park to watch the sunset, it was beautiful. Here's some pics....

This mountain (I'm not sure of the name...maybe Mt Baker...anybody know???) went a gorgeous color with the sunset, the pic doesnt' really do the color justice.

06 June 2011

Bye Bye Victoria

So, on the 3rd of June we caught a boat from Victoria to Seattle.  It took about 3 hours and was a very beautiful trip.  We even got to see a whale putting on a show for us WOAH!  Here's a pic of the Victoria as we're leaving it:

05 June 2011


We've had BEAUTIFUL sunny weather in Seattle for the last 3 days!!! Seattle blew us both away, people hadn't said that many great things about it but it's so underrated!! Neo and I both loooved it.

We're off to San Francisco today.  Pics of Seattle to come later...maybe while we're at the airport waiting for our flight.


03 June 2011

Totem Pole Carving

Downtown Victoria

Day 2 in Victoria Lydia and Insha our amazing hosts took us for a tour of downtown Victoria.  Neo and I both LOVED it, it's a very quaint city with gorgeous old buildings and lots of nice water front.  

We also went down to Fishermans Warf for Fish and Chips! It's super neat down there.  Unfortunately our camera battery died on us but there were lots of really cool house boats down there, Neo and I have decided that living on a houseboat is a must do in this life time!

Here's a pic of us having a "Bean Around the World" coffee before kicking off our day.  

Below is a pic of Chinatown in Victoria, it's the oldest Chinatown in Canada.

I loved all the ally ways.  Here's a pic of Olivia, Lydia and I
 Market Square
 Bastion Square, here is us buying yummy dried fruit dipped in chocolate
 This store "Smoking Lily" is a closet store....like literally it's a mini store the size of a walk in closet...super cute and all locally made clothes...I thought the sign was kickass!

Victoria - Parliament Building & The Empress Hotel

Parliament Building in Victoria.  Victoria is the capital of British Columbia.

The Empress Hotel, super cool old building in Victoria

 The Empress hotel by night

Parliament Building by night.
Inside the Empress Hotel

02 June 2011

Vancouver Island

On the way to Victoria we stopped in Duncan to have dinner at Mum's friends' house.  They had a beautiful hobby farm with the cutest house.  We ate a delicious feed with lots of good conversation and wine!

Here's some snaps of around the house.....

Humming Bird

My grandparents have a bird feeder filled with sugar water outside their kitchen window.  While we were eating breakfast there were about 3 humming birds hovering around, Neo managed to snap this great pic of one.  I think they're soooo cute!

Out for dinner with the fams

Before going to Victoria we stopped in at Sechelt for the night to spend Mums birthday with Granny and Grandad.  We went to the Lighthouse for dinner, which was across the harbor from my Grandparents house, it was a beautiful bar and restaurant with spectacular views!

Luggage packed and off to Sechelt

Waiting for the ferry after 4 hours sleep....luggage all packed and travels have begun.

01 June 2011

1 apartment into 2 suitcases

The night before we left Vancouver, we went to Stephos (a delicious Greek Restaurant) for dinner with a bunch of friends.  After 1 too many cocktails we decided it was a good idea to all go back to our apartment and that we could totally pack up and clean our apartment while drinking and chatting with friends....not much got done LOL (thanks for all the motivation though Lucy!) The next morning Neo and I were in a MAD rush to finish off all the cleaning so the landlord could come and do the inspection (after only 4 hours sleep on the hardwood floor may I add) BUT...we got there!

Here's a pic of our apartment starting to empty out....

The time has come to leave you my beautiful Vancouver

Super duper sad right now.  It's time to head off on our 2 months of travels before heading home! First stop Victoria (on Vancouver Island) but before that, we had to have a proper send off....evidence below!!

Anouk, Me and Rachel.  Shaw me the money ladies!

Shaw me the glasses Stephen and Jind

Shaw me the MONEY team! awwwww.....

Anouk, Me, Neo and Debbie 

Me, Sarah and Paul 

Anouk, Jind and I

Neo gettin the circle started

And Sunny finishing it off

Neo and Sunny

Neo and Josh

Sunset Beach

After having a cooking and eating session at Sarah and Lucys (YUM!) we went to Sunset Beach to watch the sunset and have a photo jam.  Days like this is what makes Vancouver so special! This little beach is about 5 minutes from our house.  Skyrise buildings if you face one way and the ocean if you face the other.