24 April 2011

A sunny long weekend in Vancouver

Ryan, Edric, Me, Sarah, Lucy and Hayley at Foundation....delicious vegetarian restaurant.

Nelson Park, by our house

Bute Street...the street we live on

Sunny evening beverages at our apartment

For some reason Edric always ends up in my clothes.  Haha 

Ryan, Bec and Jon in Yaletown

Cherry Blossom

Spring Time in Vancouver, there was loads of beautiful cherry blossom down out street, sadly it didn't last long and it was gone before we had a chance to take some pics of it but here are a bunch outside the Burrard Street Train Station.  

Nothing like a bit of sunshine and blossom to make you feel happy!!

Mini Trip to Sechelt to visit the Grandparents

Coffee while waiting at Horseshoe Bay (point A on the below map) for the ferry, it was such a beautiful clear day.

On the way to Sechelt....point B on the map above

 Blue jay in my Grandparents garden

Forest Walks, Creatures and Lanterns

ummm.... owls?! 

Waiting for the bus

Kickass dog chillin at Timmys!

Neo's snowboarding adventure on Grouse Mountain

Jam Night at Libra Room

Monday night at Libra Room they have a jam night.  If you play an instrument or sing you can turn up and have a jam.  It was awesome for some good food and quality live music.
Sarah (hiding behind an orchid), Edric, Hayley and Lucy

Some peeps jammin

Lucy, Theo and me

Sarahs Bornday

Elbow Room for breakfast with the girlies
The Elbow Room (http://www.theelbowroomcafe.com/zgrid/proc/site/sitep.jsp) is a super fun place to go for a feed in Vancouver.  It's a husband, husband team that abuse their customers...in a fun way.  If you can read the below picture, here's some of their "rules".

not able to finish my 12" pancake

The ladies having their nails done

reunited with the boys for some fun at Fortune Sound Club

Take it back to the 80's

Me, Lucy and Sarah 80's upped!

Neo, Theo, Grant & Miko.  I had a love affair with Theo's yellow jacket so it's now in my possession....THANKS THEO!

I think Neo suits the 80's!!

Fun with twister!

01 April 2011

blog post about a blog post


click the above link to check out Fleur Hamills blog post about our wedding