29 July 2010

Kitsilano Beach aka Kits

Kits Beach is a pretty fun place to hang out. Lots of cool little cafes and restaurants and a nice big grass area to just chill in the sun. The swimming pool is pretty sweet to....the longest in Canada or something. I didn't really rate the actual beach itself for swimming, I guess we're a bit spoilt in NZ. Vancouver has more beautiful lakes and rivers to boast about!

28 July 2010

We love this poster!

We found this awesime Obey poster pasted up in China Town....looove it!

Chinese Markets

China Town, Vancouver. In usual Chinese Market style this place had lots of knock offs, food and tacky fun stuff!!!!

25 July 2010

Packed as but awesome....

Apple Store!!!!!!

Out and about in Vancouver

Random as B Ball court in the middle of town

24 July 2010

Chattin with my Granny

This ones for you Mum.

Back to Sechelt

back to Sechelt for one night and then to Vancouver to find jobs!!

23 July 2010

Ooooooo yeah!...Hello Kitty Candy Dispenser

note....the "candy" not "lolly"....I'm like totally Canadian right now!

22 July 2010

We're keeping Startbucks in business....

Laxin in the sun getting advice from my amazing Aunty and having loads of giggles with my crack up cuzzies!...you guys are awesome xo

21 July 2010

Neo and Vienna

I think this picture is awesome....nuf said!

20 July 2010

more of Texada Island - Shelter Point

Powell Lake & The Shingle Mill

Good food, AMAZING views and the company of our awesome family....enough said!!!

19 July 2010

hmmm...ok now am I dreaming?...cos this is awesome!

One night my Uncle was up the tree getting a bunch of Cherry's and a sneaky sneaky raccoon decided he wanted in on the action....it's not the best pic but you can you see him climbing the ladder lol!

So my Uncle is super into his Veggie and Fruit garden which he has going on. It's totally amazing and while we were there we ate beautiful lettuce, peas, peppers, beets...all organic and fresh from his garden. In the morning we went up and ate off the cherry tree till we were full! DELICIOUS!!!

18 July 2010

Pinch me...am I dreaming on Texada Island

Ok WOW...this one tops the lot so far! Texada Island Limestone Quarries are amaaazing! The minerals in the water make it this amazing aqua colour.
We had such and awesome day swimming, bbqing, chillen in the sun listening to music and chatting.

17 July 2010

West Lake

Our first day in Powell River we went to West Lake, it's really pretty....I feel like a stuck record always saying everywhere we go is really pretty but seriously British Columbia is just so beautiful that everywhere is gorgeous. The hike/walk in to the lake is about 20 minutes, on the way we munched on wild raspberrys, huckle berrys and blackberrys that we found growing in the forest...

15 July 2010

Off to see the Aunt, Uncle & Cuzzies in Powell River

My Uncle Mike (some of you will remember him from the wedding) picked us up from Sechelt and we jumped on a ferry for a 40 min ride from Earls Cove accross to Saltry Bay, heres the ferry:
Waiting to board the ferry:

The line up of cars waiting to board:
Doing a little geography:
On the ferry:

Powell River

The Romalis household :0)

The view from their deck

14 July 2010

click the picture below and it will take you to a bunch of other pictures for your viewing pleasure

Sargents Bay

We took a drive to Sargents Bay today, it's a pretty cool beach. You'll notice all the drift wood in the below pic, I thought it was kinda unique....this is all brought in off Georgia Straight.

Neo and I decided it would be a good idea to do a little rock climbing. I ended up with bruised knees and scraped elbows...some locals asked us if we were trying to kill ourselves....I guess we were climbing it wrong....it got a little hairy in a couple spots...I was happy to see the ground anyways.

The veiw was better from the top of the rock, so the bruised knees were worth it.

13 July 2010

Chillen with the Grandparents

My Grandparents house is in a gorgeous location right on the water we spent the day kayaking, walking through the forest by their house and basking in the sun.

Granny and Grandads house:

the view from their house:

Chillen with my gran: