12 July 2011

Haight Ashbury, Golden Gate Park & Golden Gate Bridge

OK....sorry about the lack of updates during our trip of the States....now that we've got some down time relaxing with Neo's family in Surabaya it is my mission to get this blog completely up to date....here's some more of San Francisco!

After strolling through the funky neighborhood known as Haight Ashbury and stopping at some awesome Op Shops and little cafes along the way we made it to Golden Gate park and the then Golden Gate Bridge.

Getting orientated in Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

Chillen watching some cutey cute turtles....in Golden Gate Park

More of Golden Gate Park....yes this park is HUGE....we got lost several times

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

A very cool tree....in Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Bridge

The view from Golden Gate Bridge

hehe.... I like this photo....the view from the bus leaving Haight Ashbury

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